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Holistic Veterinary Care VS Conventional Veterinary Care

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When you have a pet, they are considered another family member. At VetNaturally, in Mandeville, LA, we believe choosing the perfect veterinarian is so important. You want to make sure your pet is healthy and living their life to the fullest. 

As you explore the world of veterinary medicine, you will come across two categories: holistic veterinary care and conventional veterinary care. The best way to make an informed decision about your pet’s care is to learn about these two practices and what sets them apart. 

At VetNaturally, our staff believes in providing world-class veterinary care to every patient. As a team-oriented holistic facility, we combined Eastern and Western veterinary medicine to provide the safest and most natural path for an animal’s healing and well-being. Below we explain the differences between traditional and holistic veterinary medicine. 

Is Conventional Treatment Truly Removed from Holistic Veterinary Care?

Pet owners often assume that holistic animal care differs entirely from traditional veterinary services. Another common assumption is that holistic care is unnecessary or ineffective. 

The truth is that these two practices are separate but share some similarities. Holistic and conventional veterinarians always keep the animal’s health and wellness in mind. It’s not uncommon for a traditional vet to recommend natural treatments like increasing the water consumption in a cat or promoting exercise for an overweight dog. 

The general approaches may be different between these two veterinary practices. However, even conventional veterinary medicine providers understand the benefits of natural treatments. 

What Is Holistic Veterinary Care?

A holistic veterinarian is a professional who incorporates natural or Eastern (Asian) practices in their pet care. They usually receive the same education as a conventional vet but learn other holistic ways to treat their patients. Their goal is to provide whole-body treatments instead of simply relieving symptoms. 

Holistic veterinary therapies include:

Many holistic vets do not recommend vaccines or medications unless they are necessary. Instead, they offer diverse treatments to treat a pet’s body, emotions, and mind to improve their general well-being.

These professionals also intensely focus on healthy diets consisting of high-quality kibble, canned, or raw food instead of processed foods. Popular ingredients in low-quality food are soy, grains, and corn, but they can lead to health problems in some animals.  

What Is Conventional Veterinary Care?

When you take your pet to a traditional animal hospital, they’ll likely undergo conventional or mainstream Western treatments. Conventional veterinarians treat conditions and diseases primarily through radiation, pharmaceuticals, and surgery. Examples of the traditional drugs conventional veterinary practitioners use include:

  • Antibiotics
  • Steroid
  • Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medication

Traditional veterinarians also advocate for pet vaccinations to prevent diseases. If an animal already has an illness, conventional veterinary care will likely provide quick symptomatic relief without addressing the animal’s total wellness. In other words, these vets often treat symptoms rather than the underlying cause of an animal’s condition. 

What Type of Veterinary Medicine Is Best for Your Pet?

Conventional medicine is vital for your pet companion’s health, but holistic veterinary care is also essential. Instead of focusing on a single approach for your pet, consider multimodal treatment that includes both methods. 

Ultimately, the decision on veterinary care is yours. However, the best way to provide comprehensive veterinary care is to blend the two approaches. 

Consider VetNaturally for Your Beloved Pet’s Needs

At VetNaturally, we will use both Western & Eastern modalities to effectively diagnose and heal our patients…so you get the best of both worlds.

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