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Essential oils are extracted from natural plants through a distillation process. Essential oils can be extracted from the grass, flowers, leaves, branches, bark, or roots of the harvested plant. The resulting oils are then tested with a Gas Chromatographic Spectrometer to ensure that the proper ingredients are at the levels required for a beneficial therapeutic effect. Essential oil therapy is the topical, oral, or aromatic application of therapeutic-grade essential oils. Essential oils are a safe, natural, and effective way to treat common conditions, and they can be used regularly on both well and ill patients.

Dr. G has studied essential oils for many years. She has performed testing on many oils to study their antimicrobial effects. She has presented the results of her research at the Symposium on Advanced Wound Care.

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Trust Your Source For Essential Oils

All essential oils are not created equal. Synthetic essential oils will harm your pet. That is why Dr. Geoghegan is extremely selective about the oils that she recommends and uses on her pets and patients. After performing extensive research, Dr. G chose to trust and represent doTERRA oils. doTERRA is internationally known as the industry leader in essential oil purity and quality. We are proud to have certified pure therapeutic-grade doTERRA oils in our holistic lifestyle center.

Safety and Procedure For Essential Oils

Diffusion is the most common use of essential oils. Pets are much more sensitive to aromatherapy because of their powerful nasal receptors. It’s important to respect your pet’s sense of smell, so please see the Resource section of the website to learn more about Dr. G’s safety guidelines. Essential oils are highly concentrated, so they should only be used in small amounts and not around your pet’s eyes. Dr. G recommends consulting with a trained veterinarian before using essential oils around your pet.

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