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VetNaturally™ in Mandeville, LA combines a natural approach to pet wellness with conventional (Western) medicine to give your pet access to the best of both medical practices. Our professional veterinary team provides full service conventional pet care & medical services, including dentistry, radiology, vaccines, spays, neuters, and other surgical procedures.

Pet Wellness Exams

Pets age much faster than humans, and they can’t always tell us when they are hurting or not feeling their best.

It is best to schedule a wellness exam every 6 months to ensure optimal health. Preventive medical check ups with our vets can uncover a disease process in the early stages. Routine monitoring of blood work can show important trends that may need preventive measures. During your pet’s wellness exam, expect our veterinarian to ask you questions regarding your pets daily habits, behavior, eating and drinking, current medications, diet, and more. After thoroughly evaluating your pet, you will receive recommendations for preventative medications like vaccinations, flea and tick prevention, heartworm prevention, and medications specialized for particular problems with your pet’s nutrition, skin, weight management, or dental care.
Happy Dog With Tongue Out
Dog With Toothbrush In Her Mouth

Dental Care
for your dogs & cats

Your pet’s oral health affects their everyday life and overall well-being. It is about so much more than just bad breath!

Actually, dental disease isn’t just something that affects your pet’s mouth, but can also have negative health effects on the rest of the body, including the heart, liver, and kidneys.

When your pet’s gums get inflamed and infected due to dental disease, bacteria can migrate into the bloodstream and spread to other parts of the body.

The biggest issues of dental disease are most often not visible on the surface of the white enamel of the teeth, but below the gingiva (or gums). We practice the gold standard of dental surgery with full radiographs (x-rays) of the mouth to get a full picture of your pet’s oral health.

Schedule a consultation today to address any and all of your pet’s oral and dental health needs!

Pet Surgery For
Removal of Masses or Lumps

Lumps or masses are not usually a medical emergency. Just to be sure though, you should bring your pet in for an evaluation as soon as possible. While skin and subcutaneous masses can be benign, your vet should always evaluate and test for malignancy.

If a mass is determined to require surgical removal, we can perform this procedure in our hospital with same day discharge.

During the procedure itself, the surgeon and technician will monitor oxygen saturation with pulse oximetry, blood pressure, respiratory rate, heart rate, and body temperature.

The excised tissue is routinely submitted to a reference diagnostic laboratory for evaluation by a board certified clinical pathologist. Further treatment recommendations are made based on the histopathologic evaluation.

Pets Looking Over Ledge
Dog Foot Coming out of Screen

Spays and Neuters

Sterilizing your pet eliminates the chance of unexpected litters. This means that, under general anesthesia, the reproductive organs are removed from your cat or dog.

If any of the following applies to your pet’s situation, consider a spay or neuter:

Dog With Tie On Popping Out of Screen

Pet Vaccines &
Titer Testing

Common pet vaccines protect your pets from an array of dangerous and potentially deadly diseases:

While vaccination and staying protected is vital, over-vaccination is dangerous for your pet. At VetNaturally™, we recommend titer testing. Titer testing is when a sample of blood is taken and is checked for existing antibodies for certain diseases. Titer testing helps guide us in determining which vaccinations your pet does or doesn’t need.

Whether your pet needs dental care, mass removal, vaccinations or a general wellness exam, we welcome you to join the VetNaturally™ family! Call (985) 718-9991 to schedule your appointment today.