Tui-Na Massage For Pets In Mandeville, LA

Treat Your Pet To The Best Tui-Na Veterinary Massage In Mandeville, LA

Tui-na (“twee-na”) is a branch of TCVM combining acupressure, conventional massage, and chiropractic therapy to regulate energy imbalances in the body.

“Tui-na” means to push/pull-lift. This hands-on therapy soothes aching muscles and joints as well as strained tendons and ligaments, while also promoting the circulation of Qi and blood. Tui-na builds the immune system and supports the normal functions of the internal organs. While two pets may experience the same type of pain, it may be caused by different deficiencies. Dr. G will use TCVM to diagnose your pet and treat them accordingly. VetNaturally™ offers in-clinic Tui-na sessions, and Dr. Geoghegan can also prescribe Tui-na for owners to perform at home.

Our certified Tui-na therapists have extensive training and are ready to help your pet move better, relax more, and feel amazing. Come observe the first treatment and see this special therapy in action.

Tui-Na Massage For Pets

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