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Did your dog have an accident while playing at the park? Or maybe your cat wandered in with a strange wound, and you have no idea how it happened. Whatever the case, your pet is hurt, and you want it to feel better right away.

At VetNaturally, we offer expert laceration repairs for pets in Mandeville, LA. Call us at (985) 718-9991 to make your appointment today.

What To Know About Lacerations in Pets

If your furry friend has a laceration, prompt care can make all the difference in helping it recover. Here’s what you need to know.

What Causes Lacerations, and What Should You Do If Your Pet Has One?

Lacerations in pets include any tear or cut in the skin. A laceration may be superficial or deep enough to cause damage to muscles and other tissues beneath the skin, such as tendons, blood vessels, and nerves.

Virtually any sharp object can cause a laceration, including sticks, knives, barbed wire, and broken glass.

It may be possible to treat superficial lacerations at home. Here’s what to do if your pet has a laceration:

  • If your pet is bleeding, use a clean towel or gauze to apply pressure to the wound for five to ten minutes. When the bleeding stops, you can assess the wound further.
  • Clean the wound using povidone iodine or sterile saline if the laceration seems superficial.
  • Check your pet for other wounds. If your pet has lots of thick fur, you may need to gently brush the fur aside to do this.

When Should You Go to the Vet?

Many superficial wounds will heal well without veterinary attention. However, it’s a good idea to have a vet examine your pet even if you think the wound is minor. Even small wounds can become infected quickly.

If the vet is concerned about infection, they may want to give your pet antibiotics. Your vet will not want to stitch up infected wounds, as doing so could worsen the infection and cause an abscess to form.

Instead, your vet may place a drain to allow fluids and discharge to drain safely. The vet will also apply a clean dressing and bandage. You might need to replace the bandage several times a day if the wound is discharging heavily.

If a laceration will not stop bleeding after applying five to ten minutes of pressure, head to the vet right away. Similarly, if you notice exposed bone or muscle on your pet in Mandeville, LA, it’s crucial to seek immediate emergency veterinary care rather than scheduling laceration repair.

How VetNaturally Performs Laceration Repairs

When you arrive at VetNaturally, your vet may want to treat your pet with local anesthetics to minimize discomfort and get a better look at the laceration. If the wound is severe and requires surgery, the vet will sedate your pet using general anesthesia.

Serious wounds may require a few layers of sutures to repair. Your vet may also need to trim away non-viable tissues and flush the wound well with saline.

After surgery, you’ll need to continue care at home to help your pet heal. Your vet will instruct you to:

  • Keep the surgical site clean and dry.
  • Keep your pet indoors until it has recovered from surgery.
  • Use an Elizabethan collar to prevent your pet from licking the wound, if necessary.
  • Limit exercise until the wound heals.
  • Give your pet its medication as prescribed. If your vet prescribes antibiotics, it is particularly important that you give your pet the entire course to prevent or heal an infection.
  • Schedule follow-up care if needed.

Make Your Appointment for Laceration Repair Now

If your pet has a laceration, it’s best to see a vet promptly to prevent infection and abscesses. Our veterinary hospital is fully equipped to care for your pet so that it will feel better in no time.To schedule laceration repairs for pets in Mandeville, LA, call VetNaturally at (985) 718-9991.

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