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Your Trusted Holistic Vet in Mandeville, LA

At VetNaturally in Mandeville, LA, we offer a holistic approach to veterinary medicine that uses natural, proven remedies and techniques to help your pet feel its best inside and out. Call us to get your pet started with any of our holistic veterinary medicine services today.

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Veterinary Acupuncture

Veterinary Acupuncture can provide pain relief, whole-body balancing, & promote natural healing.

Our Certified Veterinary Acupuncturists inserts small, stainless steel needles into your pet’s acupoints (areas with high numbers of nerve endings, lymphatic vessels, small arterioles, and mast cells) to relieve blockages and restore Qi flow. Acupuncture can improve many musculoskeletal, neurological, gastrointestinal, and other chronic conditions.

Advanced Veterinary Acupuncture

Advanced veterinary acupuncture involves needle alternatives for targeting acupoints on more sensitive pets. Our holistic veterinarian team can use the following techniques:


Uses pressure rather than needle insertion on the points.


Includes an injection of supportive liquids and medications.


Applies heat to stimulate and relax the muscles.


Sends electric currents through the body to relax spasming muscles.

Class IV Cold Laser

Stimulates acupoints with laser targeting.


Injects the patient’s blood during acupuncture for improved healing.

Canine Rehabilitation

Our canine rehabilitation program combines many types of treatments, including holistic medicine and medical approaches to help your pet heal as quickly as possible. A few of our holistic vet medical treatments for canine rehabilitation include the following:

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Veterinary Chinese Herbal Therapy

Chinese herbal remedies date back centuries and still prove effective today. We use ancient Chinese herbs as preventive measures and holistic veterinary treatments. When combined with additional techniques, Chinese herbal therapy can enhance healing effects, helping animals with arthritis, behavioral issues, stomach problems, and more.

Doggy Day

At VetNaturally, we know that trusting anyone to care for your furry friend is a big decision, so we designed our doggy day care program with you in mind. From vast open fields for your pup to run through to private rooms for relaxation, one-on-one TLC, lake-front walks, and daily video chats, your dog can feel at home. As a holistic veterinary medicine practice, we prioritize your pup’s health and happiness throughout their stay so you can rest easy knowing they’re in good hands.

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Essential Oil Therapy

Essential oils come from specific plants that each provide varying health benefits. Our essential oil therapy includes oral, topical, and aromatic-based applications of therapeutic-grade products that can provide antimicrobial effects while improving many different conditions. We can begin the essential oil administration process in our office, then teach you how to apply it on your pet at home each day for the most potent and effective results.

Food Therapy for Pets

At VetNaturally, we praise the age-old saying, “you are what you eat.” A natural, non-processed, whole-food diet helps your pet consume more nutrients, allowing them to live a healthy, long life. We understand that home-cooking meals for your pet or purchasing top-shelf products isn’t always feasible, so we work with you to create an accessible food therapy plan tailored to your pet’s needs and your budget.

Tui-na Massage

Tui-na combines acupressure, chiropractor therapy, and conventional massages to re-balance your pet’s energy, soothe muscle aches, and promote blood circulation. The pain reduction and improved blood flow can boost your pet’s immune system and internal organ functions, offering whole-body benefits.

Medical Spa For Pets

Our medical spa pampers your pet, soothes various medical conditions, and leaves them sparkling clean without the stress of a typical veterinary bathing session. We provide deluxe baths with organic shampoos to treat different skin irritations and allergies, mud baths filled with minerals that rejuvenate your pet’s skin and coat, and whirlpool spa sessions that can boost the immune system while reducing inflammation. Whether your pet has fleas, arthritis, or just needs to be pampered, we can help.

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