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Mandeville’s Best Veterinarian For Your Pet’s Food Therapy Needs

Most holistic veterinarians recommend diets other than dry kibble. Raw or home-cooked diets are typically the gold standard. At VetNaturally™ we work with you, your pet, your budget, and your lifestyle to help you choose the perfect food program. Our nutritional programs are guided by TCVM theory, which uses the warming and cooling properties of food to balance your pet’s body.

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Add Moisture Back To Your Pets Food

Pour a cup of water on dry kibble, then watch it puff up and absorb the water. When your pet eats dry kibble, the same process occurs in the digestive tract, except moisture is drawn out of your pet’s body and into the dry food. A dry kibble diet leaves your pet in a state of dehydration and inflammation, which can lead to chronic illness. Pet food companies have convinced the general public that feeding our pets whole foods (raw or home cooked) is harmful. In reality, feeding our pets heavily processed dry food can lead to poor nutrition and poor health. If your pet is currently eating dry food, schedule a VetNaturally™ dietary consultation today. Let’s work together to get some moisture back into your pet’s diet.

Food Therapy For Pets In Mandeville, LA

How To Choose The Right Diet For Your Dog

As a Certified Veterinary Food Therapist (CVFT), Dr. G believes that your pet’s diet is the most important health choice you will make for them. So why do many of us believe that dry kibble is the best diet for our pets?

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Using Food Therapy to Remedy Health Problems For Your Pet

Veterinarians promoting proper nutrition often recommend raw food or a home-cooked diet. Combine these moist foods with the TCVM theory that foods have specific energetic properties, such as warming and cooling, and you begin to understand food therapy. Food energetics identifies properties in foods that will positively impact your pet’s health. For example, if your pet is experiencing excess body heat, Dr. G will recommend proteins, vegetables, and fruits with cooling properties to aid in balancing your pet’s temperature. If overhauling your pet’s diet is not an option, adding various beneficial foods can still help. Through food therapy, holistic vets are witnessing better overall pet health, as well as the resolution of syndromes that are commonly treated with prescription medications.

Learn How To Know If Your Pet Has A Food Allergy

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