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Plays for Pets

Plays for Pets is a program founded by VetNaturally™ and was created for all animals without forever homes. It is a safe toy drive where gently used chew toys and blankets are collected and distributed to shelter pets so they can receive the comfort they need and deserve. This annual campaign will help shelter pets through the holidays and all days so they can have the mental stimulation of a toy. We are excited about partnering with local shelters through this venture and hope you spread the word in your own city or town to grow this effort.

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Helping Shelter Pets

VetNaturally™ donates 5% of all net sales, as well as time and discounted services, to shelter organizations around Southeast LA. Here are a few organizations VetNaturally™ works with:

St. Francis
Animal Sanctuary

Humane Society
of Louisiana

St. Charles Parish
Animal Shelter

doTERRA Oil Group

Dr. G uses doTERRA essential oils to treat common pet conditions in a way that’s safe, natural, and effective. Because these oils are administered either topically, orally, or aromatically, pets receive non-invasive treatments for a variety of ailments.

VetNaturally™ both sells and uses doTERRA products, which are the safest and most effective essential oils for pets. If you purchase doTERRA products from VetNaturally™, we give 100% of the proceeds to shelter animals and service dogs.

This self-sustaining cycle allows VetNaturally™ to keep helping dogs in need while changing the conversation about integrative veterinary medicine.

Essential Oils
Two Military Dogs

Military Working Dogs

VetNaturally™ was founded and is run by Dr. G, a military veteran who understands the value of giving back. Dr. G spent her time in the U.S. Army treating President Bush’s guard dogs, bomb dogs, search and rescue dogs, and drug dogs.

Dr. G remains committed to providing these military dogs with the best possible attention and care. Through VetNaturally™, she continues this tradition by donating the proceeds from the doTERRA sales to helping military and service dogs.