VetNaturally Launches Plays for Pets

Play For Pets

At VetNaturally, a huge part of our day is dedicating to giving back to our animal community, either by providing integrative medical assistance to Animal Helper, St. Tammany Humane Society, or working with local shelters to provide medical relief. We are proud to announce our new efforts to give back to those in need. Plays for Pets is a program founded by VetNaturally. It is a safe toy drive where gently used chew toys and blankets are collected and distributed to shelter pets so they can receive the comfort they need and deserve. This annual campaign will help shelter pets through the holidays as well as the days they are confined with no chance to play. We are excited about partnering with local shelters through this venture and hope you spread the word in your own city or town to grow this effort.

Plays for Pets is easy and accessible for anyone who wants to join in giving back. There are multiple drop-off locations throughout the Northshore and Southshore. Drop off a gently used chew toy or blanket to the location closest to you (see locations here). The VetNaturally team collects toys from each Plays for Pets certified location and brings them to a local shelter once per month, on the third Saturday of the month (maybe more during holiday season depending upon donations). Volunteers can feel free to come with the VetNaturally team to donate the items once per month. Sign up here to join us once a month for “delivery day.” The pets enjoy seeing volunteers at the shelter. See our Plays for Pets calendar here.

Dr. Ashley Geoghegan

Dr. Ashley Geoghegan, known affectionately as Dr. G, has spent a lifetime devoted to animal care. Dr. G graduated from the LSU School of Veterinary Medicine and served in the U.S. Army as a veterinary officer. At VetNaturally™, she practices Integrative Medicine, which is a combination of Traditional Chinese Veterinary medicine (TCVM) , canine rehabilitation and conventional Western medicine.