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Passion is a funny thing. Some people try to find theirs for decades. Others know their life purpose before they can even recite the alphabet. Such is the case for veterinarian Dr. Ashley Geoghegan—affectionately known as Dr. G.

“My goal was always veterinary medicine,” she said. “There was never a Plan B.” A glimpse into her past might reveal why. Growing up, pets were simply part of her family. After dinner, her parents would grab bags of dog or cat food and take Dr. G and her brother to feed colonies of stray animals. Her love and compassion for animals of all kinds started at a very young age. “I feel more myself when I’m around animals,” she said. “I feel off when there are no animals around. I can remember my childhood neighbors’ pets and their names, but I can’t remember my neighbors’ names,” she chuckled. 

 Dr. G strives to adopt shelter, stray or abandoned animals—specifically the ones that no one else will adopt. “I find the misfits, or maybe they find me,” she said. Now a mother herself, she has four young, energetic children and equally energetic pets. “At this point, I’m trying to keep the animal kingdom to a dull roar,” she laughed. “We’re down to two dogs, three feral cats, one bearded dragon and some fish.” She firmly believes that having pets is beneficial to children, teaching them empathy, compassion and responsibility.

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