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Revitalizing Dental Health: Comprehensive Periodontal Care for Feline and Canine Companions

Oral hygiene and maintenance is essential to protect pet dental health. Cats or dogs having periodontal disease leaves them open to contracting other health conditions. At VetNaturally in Mandeville, LA, we offer veterinary periodontal care and other gum disease treatment for pets.

If you notice your pet eating less, sleeping more often, rubbing their face and jaw more frequently against furniture, having unusually bad breath, or notice any bleeding it could be time for a dental checkup.

Stages of Feline and Canine Periodontal Disease

As in humans, there are five stages of periodontal disease in cats and dogs. Veterinarians measure indicators such as bleeding gums, bone loss in the jaw, and tooth loss to determine which stage your pet is in. The stages of periodontal disease and signs are as follows:

  • Normal. Your pet’s teeth are healthy, and the gums show no signs of irritation.
  • Gingivitis. Your pet’s gums begin showing signs of inflammation as they swell and become painful.
  • Early periodontitis. Your pet’s dental X-rays show a loss of bone in the jaw of up to 25%.
  • Moderate periodontitis. Your pet’s dental roots show above the gum line as the gums recede, and moderate bone loss is visible in X-rays. Your cat or dog likely needs tooth extraction for any bad teeth.
  • Advanced periodontitis. Your pet shows other signs of dental decay, including difficulty eating, weight loss, and lethargy. X-rays show significant bone loss, and a visual inspection reveals bright red gums and loose teeth.
Pet Wellness Exams

Canine and Feline Periodontitis Treatment

Here at VetNaturally we offer professional dental cleaning for your pet. Regular professional pet oral health maintenance can help your pet maintain healthy teeth and prolong and/or prevent the onset of periodontal disease. To assure your pets dental health we recommend annual dental cleanings.

Treatment begins with diagnosis. We must first start with a dental evaluation with our veterinarians here at VetNaturally to determine whether your animal needs a dental prophylaxis. At that time, if we have determined that your pet also has any kind of skin masses that need to be removed, we will do that at the same time as to make the most use out of the anesthesia. All of our dental cleanings include X-Rays. 

Cats and dogs with periodontal disease need constant and regular maintenance/treatment. At VetNaturally, we offer high quality services that include bonded sealants, antibiotic gels, and teeth extractions for your pet’s needs. We will need to remove loose, broken, decayed, and/or abscessed teeth. We also clean any remaining teeth and use procedures like dental scaling and root planing to encourage the gums to re-adhere to the root and clear any bacteria that may be laying under the gumline.

After the procedures, you must follow up with home dental care for your pet. We recommend brushing your pet’s teeth daily (if possible), and implementing a special dental care diet to deter tartar formation.

The Importance of Oral Hygiene for Pets

You can prevent poor oral hygiene with good home dental care practices. Our pets develop plaque and tartar buildup the same as us. Regular teeth brushing can reduce how much plaque and tartar accumulates between vet visits. You can also feed your pet a diet of specially formulated foods to keep plaque and tartar in check.

You can train your pet to accept teeth brushing by starting with a finger brush that you can purchase at any pet store including PetSmart or PetCo and rewards to get them used to their teeth being brushed, then gradually work up to toothbrush and toothpaste before introducing them to a daily routine.

If your pet suffers from poor oral hygiene, they may display some signs of needing dental care, including:

  • Bad breath
  • Loose or missing teeth
  • Abscessed teeth
  • Broken teeth
  • Excessive drooling
  • Diminished appetite or unusual chewing
  • Tenderness or swelling around the mouth
  • Redness or bleeding around the gums

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At VetNaturally, we combine conventional veterinary medicine with holistic and natural medicine for a comprehensive care plan. If you have cats or dogs with periodontal disease, we offer professional dental and periodontal care strategies for treatment, prevention, and maintenance. Contact our office in Mandeville, LA, today at (985) 718-9991 to schedule an appointment for an oral exam for your pet.

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