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Does your dog have a cherry eye that needs to be fixed? This common condition, medically known as a prolapsed third eyelid or nictitating membrane, impacts countless dogs who are often less than a year old. If you’re searching for a veterinary team to perform cherry eye surgery in Mandeville, LA, look no further than the caring staff at VetNaturally.

We regularly perform procedures like spaying, neutering, and cherry eye surgery in Mandeville, LA. Under our care, your pup can enjoy playing fetch, running outside, and more of their favorite activities without experiencing any pain or health limitations.

Best Source for Effective Cherry Eye Surgery in Mandeville, LA

Scheduling cherry eye surgery is possible for every dog owner, especially those with young puppies. This condition is common, and while not initially painful for your dog, it can cause severe irritation and vision problems if left untreated. Medications may ease discomfort, but surgery is the only way to cure the condition. 

At VetNaturally, we advise every owner of a dog of any age to look for signs of this condition, which makes your dog’s eyelid appear red and swollen. Do not hesitate to contact our veterinary staff as soon as you notice signs of cherry eye on your dog. We’ll examine your four-legged friend and schedule cherry eye surgery in Mandeville, LA.

Understand Cherry Eye and the Repair Surgery

Cherry eye is fairly common, but that doesn’t mean you should ignore it. Over time, this condition limits the lubrication your dog’s eye receives, which can cause dry eye and discomfort. In severe cases, your dog may be unable to close the affected eye. 

Our goal is to keep your dog in excellent health by performing cherry eye surgery. This procedure involves putting your dog under general anesthesia so they don’t feel any pain. The doctor will make a small incision above your dog’s eye to tuck the third eyelid inside, then close it with dissolvable stitches. 

The procedure is quick but effective. It takes about two weeks to recover fully. 

Prepare Your Dog for a Successful Surgery

At VetNaturally, we have years of experience performing cherry eye repair surgery and know the best way to ensure a successful procedure. Our team will provide detailed pre-surgical instructions so you know exactly what to expect and can prepare your dog accordingly. We recommend that you:

  • Remove food and water by midnight the night before any surgery, this decreases the chance of vomiting and/or aspiration the day of the operation.
  • Remove food and water the morning of surgery.
  • Bring your dog’s vaccination and medical records.

Before we can perform cherry eye surgery in Mandeville, LA, the doctor must determine that your dog is in good health. A preliminary wellness exam and pre-op blood work allow your doctor to determine if there are any signs of illness. If your dog is not in optimal health, you must postpone the procedure until they are no longer sick. 

Receive Attentive Follow-Up Care

The procedure only takes about 30 minutes, but our team will closely monitor your dog’s health as they recover. After performing cherry eye surgery in Mandeville, LA, we’ll provide you with medications to give your dog and tips for a successful recovery.

Your dog must wear an E-Collar for two weeks or until their incision site fully heals to avoid irritating the surgery site.. No swimming or other strenuous activity as your dog recovers. You may notice changes in their appetite and energy level immediately after the surgery as the anesthesia wears off. Patients usually return to their normal appetite and energy levels within 24 hours after surgery.

Reach out to our staff if you have any concerns for your dog’s health during recovery.

Visit VetNaturally for Excellent Veterinary Care in Mandeville

At VetNaturally, we aim to keep your dog in excellent help and promise to give the best care possible. Our team, led by Dr. Ashley Geoghegan, is dedicated to treating any condition your dog has, including a prolapsed third eyelid. To schedule cherry eye surgery in Mandeville, LA, call our clinic at (985) 718-9991.

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