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Dry dog kibble is sad.  Yes, sad.  The most important thing you will ever do for your pet’s health is to give him a proper diet.  When I think about all the beautiful dogs and cats that eat dry kibble, I contemplate renting a bull horn and riding around the local neighborhoods to educate people.  Picture me shouting out the car roof with my microphone and horn “Beware, beware of dry food.  It’s not the best diet for your dogs and cats”

Ok, this really isn’t an option.  I can’t drive and scream out the sunroof at the same time.  And my husband would be too embarrassed to drive me.  So, I will just settle for writing this article (for now…)

It’s a simple concept.  If you pour water over dry dog food what happens?  The little cement-like circles puff up into big circles.  You with me?  Dehydrated food SUCKS water up.  When your dog eats dry food, guess what happens?  Yep…it sucks the moisture from your dog’s body.  This process is quite inflammatory.  Over time, this chronic inflammation will lead to disease.  This isn’t even addressing the fact that most dry kibble is the rendered by product of the meat industry.  Nasty end parts that get crushed together, cooked to oblivion then sprayed with an addictive coating to make your pet eat it.

Now, you can’t just go tossing Fido’s dry food and giving him a diet of chicken and rice.  It’s easy to provide your dog with a healthy diet, but there are some guidelines you should follow.   There are plenty of options rather than dry food.   Consider complete and balanced raw food or homemade balanced diets (free of preservatives).  These are better choices for your furry BFF.   Look for an integrative medicine veterinarian to help you formulate a properly balanced and appropriate diet for your pet.  You’ll be glad you did.

*Dr Ashley Geoghegan DVM, CVFT, CVA is an integrative medicine veterinarian who practices in Mandeville, LA.  She hopes to help you create the natural path to your pet’s wellness.

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