Pill Pockets Recipe

If your dog takes herbs or western medications, try giving them in a pill pocket made from natural ingredients.  Please note, if you choose peanut butter, make sure there is not xylitol.  Fresh ground organic nut butters are the best option.

This recipe makes 12 pill pockets.

What you will need:

2tbsp peanut/almond butter
4tbsp unbleached flour
2tbsp almond/coconut milk

Dr. Ashley Geoghegan

Dr. Ashley Geoghegan, known affectionately as Dr. G, has spent a lifetime devoted to animal care. Dr. G graduated from the LSU School of Veterinary Medicine and served in the U.S. Army as a veterinary officer. At VetNaturally™, she practices Integrative Medicine, which is a combination of Traditional Chinese Veterinary medicine (TCVM) , canine rehabilitation and conventional Western medicine.