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How to choose a Boarding Facility

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How many actual minutes is your pet outside of his cage while boarding? Can you answer this question with certainty? Many of you can’t.

I think it’s important to know exactly what your pet’s routine will be while you are away. With so many options available now, you can find a great place for Fluffy and Fido while you are on vacation.facility9

I personally enjoy vacation much better, knowing that my pets are having fun and being pampered. So these are the questions I ask:

1) How many minutes will my pet allowed playtime each day?
2) Can I pay for extra sessions?
3) Can I pay for one on one time with a caring staff member?
4) Do you offer treats during the day?
5) Can I bring his special toys/blankets so he can have familiar smells with him
6) Can a team member take a picture of him and text me each day?
7) Do you have video cameras that I can log on to and watch my pet?
8) Is there someone who is in the yard supervising the potty breaks and playtime?
9) Who is in the facility overnight with my pet?
10) What time is the last walk? Often the last walk is at 6 pm and then morning walk is 7 am. This is too long for your pet to hold his bladder. I always make sure my pet has an evening walk (between 8-9 pm).

So while you are enjoying the beach and soaking up rays, make sure your pet is happy too. When you know better, you do better. Together we can do better.

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