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How To Build Your Dog’s Immune System: Five Tips From VetNaturally

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If your dog truly occupies the “best friend” space in your heart, then you know the importance of good, robust health. Understanding how to build your dog’s immune system helps you provide the best natural defense your dog can get against bacteria, fungi, and other diseases. Learn five ways to help you build up your dog’s immune system from the experts of veterinary services in Mandeville, LA.

The Five Best Ways To Boost Your Dog’s Immune System

With these five tips, dog owners like you can easily boost your dog’s health and help them live a longer, happier life.

1. Provide the Best Quality Food

Choosing the right food for your dog depends on several factors, usually beginning with their age and size. You can also use their overall health to help you choose the right food. Some dog food includes special compositions to treat particular health issues, such as chronic stomach issues or skin problems. 

You may also choose to add vitamins, fresh meat, or veggies to your dog’s diet to supplement or replace normal dog food. Probiotics help fatty acids develop to fight off bacteria, while vitamin C protects your dog from free radicals, viruses, and infections. Discuss any potential dog food additives with your vet before you add them.

Not all alternative diets are right for every pet. There is not one “blanket” diet that covers every dog or cat’s needs properly. Talk to your veterinarian about adding moisture to their diet at the very least in a 50/50 dry to wet ratio. This will need to be a slow  transition, but this small change can greatly reduce inflammation in your pet.

2. Engage in Regular Exercise

Exercise not only wears the energy out of your pet, but makes them more relaxed and calm at the end of the day. It also builds and maintains muscle mass over time, which will become super important as your pet ages. You don’t always have to go on long walks. Exercise can include indoor or outdoor play, training efforts, and other activities. The main idea consists of providing pursuits that get your dog moving and keep their physical bodies in good condition.

Even older dogs can benefit from regular exercise, which can help them stretch and reduce inflammation in tired or stressed muscles.

3. Pay Attention to Your Dog’s Weight

Dogs can gain weight quickly if you don’t pay attention to their calorie intake and engage in regular exercise. Some of the best ways to keep your dog’s weight down includes:

  • Choosing a healthy, wholesome dog food
  • If changing diets, always weigh your pet weekly
  • Keeping a regular schedule for walks and playtime
  • Ensuring your dog doesn’t gain access to human foods

If your dog weighs more than suggested for their breed and age, lowering their weight may contribute to how to build your dog’s immune system.

4. Keep Pet Equipment and Accessories Clean

Dogs get into everything, often bringing germs and bacteria back with them to their beds, bowls, and toys. Keeping these items clean can help your dog’s immune system function properly by washing away dangerous pathogens. Each week, you can clean these accessories with these methods:

Food and Water Bowls

Check the bottom of the bowls before placing them in the dishwasher. If they can’t go through the machine, hand wash them thoroughly.

Collars and Leashes

Collars and leashes made of leather require a careful hand cleaning. Wipe each down with a soft cloth dipped in hot, soapy water, then hand dry. Nylon or other cloth-based leashes and collars can go into the washing machine, then hang dry.

Beds and Soft Toys

You can usually wash dog beds and soft toys in the washing machine. Make sure you stitch up any holes to ensure that stuffing and squeakers stay inside the item. 

Hard Toys

Wash hard toys like rubber cones, bones, etc. with the same method as dog bowls: Put them in the dishwasher if they can withstand it, or carefully hand wash them.

5. Love on Your Dog

A great way to maintain your dog’s immune system consists of giving them plenty of love and attention. Happy dogs produce the right chemicals to balance out their bodies, and massaging them during a good petting helps their muscles relax as well. Just like in humans, your dog’s mental health can directly affect his or her physical health.

Maintain Your Dog’s Best Health With VetNaturally in Mandeville, LA

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