Golden Retriver puppy on white background


“I cannot praise Dr. G, Leslie and all the staff at VetNaturally™ enough!! They are simply the very BEST at what they do. I drive 6+ hours round trip just to bring my dog in for acupuncture. People think I’m crazy for driving that distance, but it’s worth every minute once we get there. They go way beyond the call of duty and obviously adore their furry patients. I’m a fan for life.”

— Lisa T.

French Bulldog

“My dog is almost 13 years old and she has Cushing’s disease. The western medicine she was prescribed wasn’t helping and surgery seemed to be the only option. We took our dog to Dr. G and now she’s doing great and showing no symptoms of Cushing’s. I’m so glad we found Dr. G! In my opinion she saved our dog’s life.”

— Carol P.

“What a great experience! Dr. G and her staff were so wonderful. Gris Gris loved his first acupuncture treatment and was so relaxed and happy. I can’t wait to see how he improves with his new regimen. Thank you!”

— Catherine A.

Orange Cat

“I want to commend you on your outstanding professional manner, knowledge, commitment, and your love and compassion for your patients . My sweet 13 year old Bruiser is challenged with arthritis and an injured ACL. Dr. G’s protocol of acupuncture, herbal supplements, & oils have shown marked improvement in him everyday. I am so grateful to Dr. G for her outstanding standard of excellence in all areas. She truly went beyond the call when she bravely carried Bruiser, who weighs 70 lbs., up the ramp to the office and down the front steps to the car!! Bruiser and I are so grateful!!”

— Dianna D.

“Dr. G and her team cared for our dog after she was diagnosed with cancer. We were blessed with several great months with her when others told us she only had a couple weeks. We can not say enough good things about this place. The staff is small and we were able to get to know them on a more personal level. They genuinely care and gave us an incredible education along the way. We would recommend them to anyone!”

— Trevor M.

“Brought my five-year-old Belgian Malinois to see Dr G she was great did laser therapy acupuncture and explained a lot of things to me good work she also treated my 10-month-old puppy for a pulled muscle . They did cold laser therapy on him when we got home he was no longer limping. I highly recommend her.”

—  Morris C.

“Dr. G is the best. She found my dogs problem where others didn’t. I was told there was nothing that could help my 12-year-old dog except risky back surgery or euthanasia to relieve his pain. When he went to Dr. G. he couldn’t stand anymore my poor baby would fall and could not lift himself up at all . Now since she is treating him we just got back from a walk around the neighborhood. I strongly recommend giving her a chance before you give up on your 4 legged companions. She gave me back my beloved pet.”

— Mina V.