Bad Dog Breath: Causes and Treatment

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Bad dog breath is a distinctly unpleasant scent. Unfortunately, many pet owners do not realize that their dog’s breath can tell them a lot about the health of their canines. So, what causes this problem, and how can you treat it? As the top veterinarian in Mandeville, LA, our team here at VetNaturally explains the leading causes […]

Why Do Cats Like Catnip?

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Do cats like catnip? Chances are, your feline loves catnip. These products are popular among pet owners who want to treat their furry friends to some harmless fun.  Still, why does catnip cause felines to act so crazy? Mandeville’s trusted veterinarian explains the science behind catnip plants and their effects on animals. What Is Catnip? […]

The 3 Signs of Anxiety in Dogs

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Is your dog not acting like himself? Does he respond aggressively to loud noises or other harmless stimuli? Learning the common signs of anxiety in dogs is the first step to getting your pet the help it needs. When you need a veterinarian in Mandeville, LA, Dr. Ashley Geoghegan at VetNaturally is ready to assist. She […]

7 Vegetables That Dogs Can’t Eat

Dog With Carrot In Mouth

Veggies are great sources of nutrients for humans, but feeding them to your dog can sometimes be quite harmful. This behavior can irritate their digestive tracts and make them sick. So what are the vegetables that dogs cannot eat?  Our team at VetNaturally veterinary services in Mandeville, LA, provides a list of seven vegetables that […]

Holistic Veterinary Care VS Conventional Veterinary Care

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When you have a pet, they are considered another family member. At VetNaturally, in Mandeville, LA, we believe choosing the perfect veterinarian is so important. You want to make sure your pet is healthy and living their life to the fullest.  As you explore the world of veterinary medicine, you will come across two categories: […]

Essential Oil Safety & Usage Tips

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While VetNaturally™ oils are 100% therapeutic grade, you should still apply them in the safest way possible. 1) Go slow. You can always add more. You can never add less. 2) Watch your pet’s reaction. Just like people, pets have a preference for the smell of an oil and how it makes them feel. One […]

Essential Oil Buying Guide

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How do I use essential oils by VetNaturally™? VetNaturally™ essential oils have a wide range of uses and modes of application, including the following: Passive DiffusionEssential oil is applied to a tissue or cotton ball and placed in the pets home environment. When oils are applied to human owners, they act as passive diffusers for their […]